Our Services


Home Renovation

Homeowners consider selling their homes when they outgrow their current one or if it becomes outdated. Selling does not have to be the first and only option. Contact TNT Property Solutions, LLC for home renovation options to grow or update your home.


Flooring sets the stage for everything we do to beautify our homes. Flooring ties some spaces together while providing a separate identity for others. The right flooring makes a difference in appearance and comfort.

Home Cleaning

There’s never been a more critical time to be concerned about the cleanliness of your home. Despite our best efforts, bacteria and unhealthy elements make their way into our houses. At TNT Property Solutions, LLC, we provide full-service home cleaning to keep your family healthy and safe. 

Pressure washing

Pressure washing isn’t just for removing the natural dirt and grime buildup from our siding. Pressure washing gives every aspect of your home a fresh look. Contact TNT Property Solutions, LLC today for a professional pressure washing appointment.

Lawn Care Services

We all want to commit to consistent lawn care services but just don’t have the time to invest. Contact TNT Property Solutions, LLC today if you want a beautiful, healthy lawn but don’t have the time to invest every weekend.


Painting alone is not complex, but it is very time-consuming. In the case of exterior painting, it takes specialized tools to get the job done right. Contact TNT Property Solutions, LLC today for painting services that enhance your home’s interior and exterior beauty.


The functionality of our outdoor living spaces is just as crucial as a well-manicured lawn. Beautifully designed hardscapes can add value to your home and provide a space for relaxing. Contact the professional designers at TNT Property Solutions, LLC today to make the most out of your landscape design with attractive and functional hardscape materials and features.


Hardwood floors have a natural quality that makes them desirable to many homeowners for spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways. But for areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms, tiling is the way to go. Professional tiling services can give you an elegant, clean look, with a variety of tile choices to upgrade the look of these rooms.